a blue like summer, 2018

hand dyed cotton and linen blend using an organic indigo vat, reclaimed vintage sheet, cotton thread, cotton batting, machine pieced and hand quilted


a blue like summer was created as a reflection on the idea of making for making’s sake. I had been thinking a lot about the class differences that are inherent in the separation of art and craft mediums and the necessary role making once played in the lives of the lower classes. This quilt was made simply for the enjoyment of making; it was not made to fit any specific mattress and is too full of my labour and time to really ever be a practical or useful object. a blue like summer causes me to reflect on the elitism that creeps into craft through the elevation of “fine craft” and my own elitism as an academically trained maker: who and what am I really making for?

we all bleed the same, 2017

a quilt exploring the strength and necessity of diversity in order to create wholes

cotton, dyed naturally with avocado, madder, henna, lac, pomegranate and indigo, with cotton thread