outside identity, inside you, 2016

pt.1 threadbook & pt. 2 pocketbook

Various Japanese papers, intaglio, collograph and woodcut prints, silk thread, bookboard, wheat paste, pva glue, and sewing pins

outside identity, inside you is an exploration of the expectations of masculine and feminine identity in connection to one’s sex. It questions the objects and assumptions that are associated with certain genders and and the stereotypes that often go along with these.

The intimacy of the work, explored through turning pages, lifting layers, sliding images in and out, and the folding and unfolding of delicate paper pockets, speaks to the complexity of gender and the beauty of things that can not be adequately defined or boxed in. 

outside identity, inside you encourages a quiet, personal but also deliberate interaction: a revealing experience that goes beyond a quick glance—commanding action and a closer look. Under surface appearance are things deeper and more complex than traditionally or socially assumed.