In progress..

Here's a couple images of one of my current projects, from a series I've been calling, We all bleed the same. I stumbled upon this idea when a bunch of fabric I naturally dyed with avocado and madder ended up giving me a variety of very fleshy tones. From there, out of a rebellion against the current climate of white nationalism, essentialism, and the anti-refugee ideologies,  and in support of ideals of feminism, craft, and community, this quilt was born.

 It houses a varieties of shades, ranging from light to dark, that together make up a beautiful whole.

The original quilt design is based of an old Nova Scotian quilt from the early 1900's.

Still in progress! I'm working on the final stitch details, and then all I have to do is bind the edges! I'm happy with the current process.

Only three more weeks of my undergrad left and then the world awaits!