Tamsin Sloots is an interdisciplinary artist from Hamilton, Ontario who now calls Halifax, Nova Scotia home.

She and her partner, a ceramic artist and sculptor, live in a tiny one bedroom apartment, sadly lacking cats, but filled to the rafters with art, yarn, books, sewing machines and plants, and she is very happy.

Having learned to sew and knit as a small child, Tamsin has loved drawing and crafting for as long as she remembers. A fidgeter at heart, torment to her is having empty hands.

Tamsin’s work deals with issues surrounding femininity and social gender roles. It has a strong focus on aesthetics and the domestic everyday object which we fill our homes and surround ourselves with. She believes art should accessible and approachable for all humans, a belief which has led to a deep appreciation of craft, the practicality and community that can be found through making.

Tamsin holds an Advanced Diploma in Textiles from Sheridan College’s School of Craft and Design in Oakville, Ontario, and is receiving a BFA Interdisciplinary in Textiles and Printmaking, with a minor in Art History from NSCAD University in April 2017.